Triad Interactive Media, Inc. is a media services company that builds interactive training & learning solutions and stellar promotional videos and multimedia. Our primary experience and expertise are in the design and development of learning, training, and promotional media, serious games, and interactive tools. Our primary sectors include national security, health, energy, and education. We also have serviced corporations and government agencies in sectors including communications and retail.

Triad has been recognized with a number of national awards for the quality of our training and learning products. Ultimately, our passion is to engage and motivate end users, not just technology. We use technology to build next-generation, cutting-edge products and services because we believe in the transformative power of technology-enhanced media and interactive tools to engage and motivate end users.

We have successfully built training and learning solutions for corporations, government, education, and non-profits and have been recognized with a number of national awards for the quality of our products. Clients and partnerships include DARPA, NASA, Center for Creative Leadership, Mercedes Benz USA, U.S. Department of Education, National Science Foundation, Farm Credit Administration, Pepsi Co., ThinkZone Games, Electric Funstuff, 3C Institute, Filament Games, Second Avenue Learning, and many more.

How we work


    Triad engages with clients in meaningful discussions to generate, develop, and communicate ideas and solutions to meet project goals. This structured approach is an essential part of the design process and necessary to drive innovation and produce desired outcomes.


    Instructional design theory is used to identify training & learning objectives, determine what content is needed, and establish how knowledge & skill acquisition will occur. Our evidence-centered design approach ensures that resulting training or learning goals will be met.


    Triad works with clients to identify what the user experience should be so that user interface elements can be conceived to satisfy user experience expectations.


    Creating a thorough blueprint for designers and programmers is important for the success of all training and learning media. Triad shares drafts of all in-progress documentation with clients to ensure that the product will function as expected.


    Our Agile development process includes spurts of development interwoven with iterative testing and frequent feedback/update cycles. This is when the visual and technical magic happens. Also, as needed, we conduct formal product-related research.


    Ensuring that products launch successfully and that any unforeseen problems are addressed quickly is one of Triad’s strengths. We work closely with clients during the launch period to maximize client satisfaction.


  • Interactive learning objects
  • Game-based learning & simulations
  • Live action & animated videos
  • Documentaries & ‘mockumentaries’
  • Interactive case studies
  • Interactive online courses
  • Computer-graded quizzes
  • Online tutorials & lectures
  • Research studies
  • Blogs, podcasts, videocasts & Webinars
  • Marketing videos, viral videos & commercials
  • Social media & search engine optimization
  • Project management
  • Web-based marketing
  • Print marketing
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Content Management Systems


  • Instructional design
  • Interactive & game design
  • Curriculum development
  • Methodology & efficacy research
  • SCORM authoring
  • Videography & directing
  • Video post-production & editing
  • Advanced motion graphics
  • 360 video & virtual reality
  • UX/UI design & development
  • Animation & 3-D graphics
  • Digital art production & photo editing
  • Storyboarding & wireframing
  • Scriptwriting & copywriting
  • Green-screen composition
  • Sound editing & original scores
  • Web accessibility & captioning