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  • Customized Learning Tools
  • Instructional design
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Instructor-Led Training

Triad products instructor-led training

We develop and host training facilitated by instructors either in a classroom settings or online. Our goal is to create experiences that are dynamic and not just lecture-based. Recent training domains include workplace safety, emergency preparedness, human resources, healthcare, IT, adult education, academe (math, science), business writing, critical thinking, and robotics. However, we have produced and delivered live training in most subject areas.


Triad Interactive Media Animation for Far-Plane Leadership Game

Triad develops stunning 2D and 3D animation and motion graphics for broadcast video, Web delivery, game cut scenes, digital ads, etc. We specialize in animated video and content for brands, agencies, & digital games.

Triad’s staff of talented and passionate animators produce animation across all genres and styles. Whether you need stunning, realistic animation, promotional motion graphics, or cartoon animation, our team is equipped and ready to bring your concepts to life!

Mobile Apps

Triad Interactive Media Mobile Development Services

Are you looking for a team to help you build a great app for your company or organization? Whether you are looking for a simple, straightforward solution or a more complex app, Triad can help design and develop your next mobile project. We create polished mobile solutions ranging from promotional apps to corporate productivity solutions to games. Platforms include: Native iOS & Android platforms, hybrids, and Web-based apps (mobile browser delivery).

Web & Mobile Solutions

Triad has extensive experience developing and managing Websites and content management systems for all major platforms. Our solutions rely on cutting edge technologies and practices, and our primary mission is to engage end users through dynamic experiences rather than through stale, static content. Our solutions range from promotional Websites and apps to large-scale content and media-heavy online learning portals.

Customized Learning Tools

Project NEO Simulation - Triad Interactive Media

Our customized training tools are designed to target client learning or training objectives. These digital or hands-on tools empower trainees to think critically, manipulate information, select among options, solve problems, and engage in structured “play.” Trainees receive immediate feedback, which further enhances content understanding and performance outcomes. Projects types include: Interactive Case Studies, Mini Games, Social Communication Tools, Simulations, Branching Narratives, SCORM content, and board games. We create custom solutions or work with existing learning management systems and platforms (Blackboard, Articulate, Moodle, WordPress, +).

Instructional design

Triad Interactive Media Instructional Design

Triad provides instructional design, curricular development, and authoring for digital or face-to-face learning, online courses, serious games, or interactive learning objects. We provide all necessary services including curricular research, technical consulting, project management, and production. Our passion is for learning and training, not just technology, though we believe in the transformative power of technology-enhanced media and interactive tools to empower learning.

Serious Games

Triad creates serious games for training and learning, having developed solutions for K-12, higher education, corporations, and government. We are pioneers in serious games design and development and have built digital and physical games for education, business development, and training. Our games have won prestigious awards —e.g., CODiE for Best Educational Game; however, we are most proud of the way we engage learners. Let Triad work with your organization to build games or interactive training that aligns with your training or learning goals.

Video production

Triad Interactive Media Video Production Services

Our Video Director, Greg Robbins, has led Triad to produce branded content for clients across the globe. We’ve shot videos about terraforming Mars for NASA, we’ve used micro-cameras inside the human body to showcase surgical tools, we’ve directed running car footage for Mercedes-Benz, and the list goes on and on. We cast, film, animate, edit, produce, and direct. We never lose sight of our audience or the narrative these projects tell. Our clients hire us to connect them with their audience. We tell stories, create reactions, and bring ideas to life!

  • Health Care
  • Security
  • Public Service
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Government & Military
  • Retail & Service Industries

Health Care

Triad Interactive Media Health Care Training Solutions

Triad has achieved unrivaled results in healthcare training by designing realistic virtual solutions that use highly interactive simulations and immersive learning environments to meet organizational goals. Whether your needs lie in basic or advanced training in new procedures, new medical technology, behavioral health, infection control, regulatory compliance, or emergency planning, Triad has experience applying the latest digital tools to ensure that healthcare providers receive training that meets or exceeds defined outcomes.


Triad Interactive Media National Security Training

Developing, maintaining, and assessing the skills of tactical and security forces are paramount realities in today’s world. At Triad Interactive Media, we have achieved unrivaled results in enhancing realistic security training for clients through our highly interactive simulations and immersive learning environments that prepare tactical and security personnel for any and all potential threats. More details >>

Public Service

Triad Interactive Media works with non-profits

Triad understands the role of public service organizations and has developed cost-effective products and programs to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of our non-profit clients. We typically work with clients from program conception through final release, and we even have experience assisting organizations with grant writing, having procured a number of large federal and private foundation grants and awards for non-profits.  One of the most recent was in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership, which resulted in the award-winning Far-Plane: Beyond Boundaries leadership game.


Triad Interactive Media produces learning and training tools for colleges and universities

Triad founders originally worked together in the UNC system and have experience in K-12 schools as well. This experience  has afforded us a thorough understanding of the needs of both educators and students. Triad staff have designed and developed digital learning solutions across STEM, economics, public health, history, kinesiology, nursing, business administration, biology, and political science. Working closely with content matter experts, we create develop interactive learning materials from scratch or convert existing materials to digital format.


Triad Interactive Media Energy & National Security Training

Developing, maintaining, and assessing the skills of workers throughout the energy industry are essential in order for organizations to increase productivity, ensure compliance, achieve safety, and protect the environment. Triad Interactive Media provides highly interactive digital training solutions to ensure that the energy workforce is well prepared to operate effectively, work collaboratively, respond to incidents, and achieve productivity goals.

Government & Military

Triad Interactive Media works with government agencies

Triad regularly complete contracts with federal agencies such as Department of Defense, NASA, Department of Education, National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and the Farm Credit Administration. These projects involve a variety of subject areas, such as  leadership, communication, emergency preparedness, critical thinking, computer programming, security, robotics, science, mathematics, and physics. Triad’s track record of completing projects on time and on budget has garnered high ratings from Program Managers in each agency. Triad also has a keen understanding of the rules, regulations, and procedures governing federal contracts.

Retail & Service Industries

Triad Interactive Media develops corporate training and learning products

For retail and service industries, Triad provides development of digital training materials, creation of product and promo videos, and writing and editing services. As training departments increasingly recognize the appeal and efficacy of game-based learning, they turn to Triad because we have been pioneers in this field. Likewise, when marketing departments see the quality of videos developed by our team for such clients as AT&T, Pepsi, and Mercedes Benz, they contact us to create equally dazzling multimedia that forcefully drives home their message.

  • Far-Plane Leadership Game
  • Writing Workshops
  • PlatinuMath
  • Project NEO
  • Which Word?

Far-Plane Leadership Game

Far-Plane Leadership Training Game

Far-Plane provides a unique approach to leadership training by adapting a research-based leadership model, Boundary Spanning, to an interactive game environment that will engage a 21st-century digital audience.

Developed in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership, a top-ranked global provider of leadership training, and NSF, the game applies basic strategies practices to problem-solving with a goal of collaboration among previously divided groups. Contact us to learn more.

Writing Workshops

FCA Writing Workshops

FCA’s mission is to ensure a safe, sound, and dependable source of credit and related services for agriculture and rural America.

Triad has worked for a number of years creating online digital learning tools for the FCA to train their accountants and other agency employees on effective business writing.


PlatinuMath Math Training for K-8 Teachers

This game-based program was designed to improve teachers’ math knowledge and skills. The platform’s content aligns to foundational Common Core and state standards and includes content that adjusts based on performance. The program was built using the technological pedagogical content knowledge framework (TPACK) to support successful use of technology in the classroom. Funding was provided in part by the U.S. Dept. of Education, and the program has won a CODiE Award, Bessie Award, and a Serious Play Gold Award.

Project NEO

Project NEO Science Training for K-12 Teachers

Project NEO, funded in part by NSF, is a game-based learning system designed to strengthen the science knowledge of preservice and inservice K-8 teachers and increase their confidence in and enthusiasm for teaching science.

All NEO content aligns with The Next Generation Science Standards as well as curriculum focal points and provides users with immediate and easily accessible data on their science understanding, both procedural and conceptual. Contact us for more details.

Which Word?

Which Word? The Confusing Words App by Triad Interactive Media

English has dozens of words that speakers and writers often confuse because the rules governing them are odd or because the words sound alike. For example, when should you use whom instead of who, or lie instead of lay? principle or principal? capital and capitol? Using the wrong word undermines credibility and is embarrassing in social and professional settings. The WhichWord? app contains short and clear explanations of when to use over-confusing words in English. 

  • National Science Foundation
  • Department of Education
  • Hats & Ladders
  • Electric Funstuff
  • Kupu Ka ‘Eu

National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation (NSF)

The National Science Foundation is a U.S. federal agency created to promote the progress of science, advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare and secure the national defense.

Triad has worked with NSF to develop training and game-based programs for a variety of audiences including K-8 students and adult learners. Some of these projects include: Far-Plane, a leadership training program for adults, and Project NEO, a science training program for K-8 teachers.

Department of Education

U.S. Department of Education

The U.S. Department of Education’ mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.

Triad has worked with the U.S. DofEd  to develop training and game-based programs for a variety of audiences including K-8 students and adult learners. Some of these projects include: TimeZoned, a critical thinking training program for teenagers, and PlatinuMath, a science training program for K-8 teachers.

Hats & Ladders

Hats & Ladders Career Education App & Program

Hats & Ladders was founded in 2015 to help reimagine career education. Building off 20 years of developing award-winning educational games and interactive experiences, the organizatoin created a mobile platform designed to motivate young people to explore, experiment with, and prepare for a wide range of career pathways.

Triad co-founder Scott Brewster is one of the founders of Hats & Ladders, Inc.

Electric Funstuff

Electric Funstuff

Electric Funstuff focuses on taking principles of great game design and applying them to a broad range of experiences, including educational products. Some of their major work is in the transmedia space, which relies on the interplay of multiple media (books, cards, online, cartoons, etc.) to create unique narrative and interactive experiences. Triad has partnered with EFS on game-based learning programs supporting core subjects learning for K-20 students, career education, and adult learning.

Kupu Ka ‘Eu

Kupu ka eu

Triad collaborates frequently with Kupu Ka ‘Eu on services and products at the Federal, State and local levels in areas such as Emergency Management Services, Fire and Emergency Services (F&ES), Homeland Security, Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection, Security Consulting, and Information Technology Services.

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Our award-winning live action and animated videos and multimedia solutions captivate and engage consumers, learners, and trainees.


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Triad conceptualizes and produces innovative learning solutions for colleges & universities, vocational training, K-12, and adult education.


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View the latest Triad Interactive Media demo reel featuring an array of recent projects we have worked on including promotional meltimedia & video, learning & training tools, and serious games.